MATRX: Open-Source Simulation Framework for Human-Robot Teamwork

Created on: February 3, 2021
Last updated: March 20, 2022

Ideally, humans and AI work together as a team where they complement each other. Though, to know what such collaboration looks like, it needs to be tested. MATRX is a Python software project that supports the rapid development of team tasks and support their evaluation.

This is a simulation framework that I built together with my colleague Jasper van der Waa for work, and has as focus to make it really easy to develop and simulate gridworlds in which humans and robots can work together of various types can work together on a variety of tasks.

In these tasks any number of humans can be controlling their own character, and working together with any number of robots or agents.

It is quite flexible in that you can use the default MATRX package to create tasks such as Blockworld 4 Teams, which is quite a popular simple human-machine teaming task where a team needs to gather blocks of various colours placed in a number of rooms in a specific order. Also see the original paper on BW4T here

Blockworld 4 Teams.

Or with a bit more effort you can create your own frontend for MATRX and try tasks such as working together with a hyper-fast intelligence gathering AI-system.

It is built in Python and opensource, so check out the website or the Github!

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